Sunday, August 2, 2009

What is feminine modern

Recently, a good friend of mine was commenting on how she like the pics I post on my blog, and how modern they are. She then asked what feminine modern would look like. In order to answer that question you must know what modern means. Modern really means the simplification of form and the elimination of ornamentation. So, it breaks the space down to the simplest form and is usually focused on the materials used to build the space and the shapes within the space, not the ornamentation. Having said that I have posted some images that I would consider feminine modern. Now that I have said that modern is about less if any ornamentation, you'll notice that in order to really make the space feminine you'll need some ornamentation, just make sure it's not cluttered. I would love to see suggestions and to get suggestions from people. I am also going to do an entry called, "What's your dream kitchen?" I welcome any an all comments and images on what your dream kitchen would look like.

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  1. Love the post. Thanks for the great info and pics:)