Friday, July 31, 2009

Cute VW

What can I say about this that it doesn't say itself......????

Forced Interaction

When designing a space you I am always forced to think about how the space with interact with the people and how the people will interact with the space. Some spaces force your interaction without you realizing it. Sometimes it's obvious like an object in the middle of the room that you have to walk around and other times it's as subtle as a side walk. Here are some pictures that Force Interaction, take a look and see if it inspires you.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rhythm and Repetition

Rhythm and Repetition are two of my favorite things when thinking about architecture. I just love how you can see a pattern develop and how that pattern forces your interaction and guides you through a space.

Miami Epic Hotel and Residence

This is a new hotel in Miami that is also a residence. I really love the clean contemporary nature of the space, but more than that I love the rockin lobby! Here a link to their website. Miami Condos EPIC Miami Hotel and Residences South Florida Luxury Miami Condos for Sale

The big D.

So, you might be wondering why if I have a blog about design and architecture I would post things like food. To me all of this is the big D, design. I never look past the simple things in life to find inspiration in what I do. What draws my eyes to the food photos I've posted is the style of photography, but moreover the clean contemporary sophistication of the presentation, and the use of color. Plus wouldn't you like to see that on a plate in front of you? Earlier I posted pictures from an apartment in Stockholm, I think you can see a strong comparison between some of the food shots and the clean european style exhibited in those photos. Here are some more food shots to keep you hungry. All of these shots are from Cannelle et Vanille a fantastic food photography website.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Here's a site I found that features food photography. While I love food I really love the presentation of the food. It looks so refreshing, as if you wouldn't gain a pound if you ate it. Cannelle et Vanille

Here's a cool bed that I found.

This bed has surround sound, built in lights, movie theatre, and a screen that closes around it so that you have complete privacy.

Adorable place in Stockholm......wish I could live here!!!!!

So, one of my favorite blogs is called Belle Maison. I found these pics on that blog of a apartment for sale in Stockholm. It's really nice to see such a bright energetic small space(I wish I could be happy with white walls!!!!!!). When I look at this I'm just reminded of how little space we actually need as opposed to what we think we need. Honestly, a couple could live quite comfortably in this arrangement.