Friday, April 24, 2009

April 24 2009

So my day was a bit interesting.  I was running late to work so I had to hop a cab (photo #1).  P.S. can I just say I love my double chin, and it also looks like I'm drunk.  When I pulled up to the gym (photo #2) I ran in and only to find that I had the day off. (photo #3)  Apparently, schedules are hard to GM can't seem to get one right.  Anyway, I was walking home and there's this house on Dickens that I would love to renovate and call home (photo #4).  My best friend Chelsea is always telling me that I'd be good at documenting my life with photos because I'm creative, so I tried to take and impromptu "creative" shot and, well, you tell me.(photo #5)  Since I had the day off I went and got some things for my humble abode.  I got some frames and hung some images of Paris and NYC that I like, on the small wall outside my bathroom.(photos #6)


  1. Yay! This is so much fun!! As for photo #5....awesome. HOWEVER, I know you are a photoshop expert, and even I could've rotated that a little bit and cropped so that it was perfect!!!! Slacker. Jk

  2. You know, now that I looked at it again, it does look evenly space from top to bottom, but it still just looks crooked....weird.

  3. Oh be quiet.....I was walking home and I thought what can I take a picture of for Chelsea.....not the best choice but it was right there.